Stephan Peters

Dutch Dairy Association NZO, the Netherlands


Dr. Stephan Peters is a nutrition science manager at the Dutch Dairy Association (NZO) since 2015. In this function he coordinates and carries out research on the role of dairy products in healthy and sustainable diets. Before, Dr. Peters worked at the Netherlands Nutrition Center as a science and quality manager and participated in the development of the current Dutch food based dietary guidelines. Dr. Peters also was a product developer in clinical nutrition at Danone Research, the Netherlands, and at TNO Pharma, the Netherlands. Dr. Peters’ PhD was on the topic of nutrition in involuntary weight loss, cancer cachexia at the University of Utrecht (NL).



Decreasing the environmental footprint of our diet – a modelling approach using Optimeal®

Calculations with a quadratic programming model (Optimeal®) can give insight in the ecological effects of the replacement of animal foods by plant-based foods in the diet. The Optimeal® model can recalculate a healthy alternative diet providing all nutrients needed and, in addition, calculate the environmental impact and consumer price of this diet. The results show that the general paradigm ‘eat a less animal and more plant-based diet’ is not a guarantee to reduce the environmental footprint. Nevertheless, reducing the carbon footprint is feasible by complying to ten eating rules based on these calculations.