Richard Tellström

Author and Associate Professor in Meal Science, University of Stockholm.


Richard Tellström is associate professor and key note speaker in food culture and food trends, both in modern and historic times. He is a well known and highly appreciated expert and is invited frequently to the media to discuss and give advice on food from a cultural perspective.




Diving into dairy: the cultural history of dairy in the Nordic diets

The speach offers a cultural-historical perspective on Nordic dairy consumption, dairy products, and the cultural role of dairy in the Nordic region. It also explains what role dairy plays in the Nordic countries from a meal-cultural perspective. Further, the speach aims to broaden the understanding of the concept of "sustainable" from the more one-sided term "climate sustainability", to also highlight the aspects of sustainable living, the health perception of individuals, economic sustainability as well as cultural expression (based on FAO's definition based on Barbara Burlingame, 2010).