Bryndís Eva Birgisdóttir

Professor, Unit for Nutrition Research, Faculty of Food Science and Nutrition, University of Iceland and Landspitali University Hospital


Prof. Bryndis Eva Birgisdóttir is a professor in nutrition at the University of Iceland. She started out with a BSc in nutrition from the Karolinska Insitute and University of Stockholm, as a stepping stone towards a further degree in Clinical Dietetics from Gothenburg University. After graduation she worked for a few years as a clinical dietitian at the National University Hospital in Iceland along with research and lecturing. However, after her PhD in nutritional epidemiology from the University of Iceland, she worked on public health nutrition projects and research, both in Iceland and from Bruxelles. When relocating to Oslo, Bryndis worked on several research projects at the Norwegian Public Health Institute before moving to Iceland again, as an associate professor/professor in nutrition at the University of Iceland. Bryndis is currently a guest researcher at the University of Copenhagen. Her research interests are vast.

Bryndis Eva is part of an energetic, inspirational and inviting group of lecturers and researchers from all the Nordic countries, focusing on Education within Public Health Nutrition in the Nordic countries, including at the core, Liv Elin Torheim, OsloMet; Agneta Yngve, Uppsala University; Arja Erkillä, University of Eastern Finland, Aileen Robertson, Runa Midtvåge and Chalida Mae Svastisalee from the University College Copenhagen, all of whom have welcomed warmly a flow of other interested researchers to different events over the years and supported the mobility of young public health nutrition students.


Public Health Nutrition training