Rune Blomhoff

Department of Nutrition, Institute of Basic Medical Sciences, Univ. of Oslo and Division of Cancer Medicine, Oslo University Hospital, Oslo, Norway


My main research interest has revolved around the role of diet for cancer prevention and cancer survival. I have particularly focused on plant-based foods and phytochemicals in mechanistic cell-based studies, transgenic mice models, cohort studies as well as clinical trials. I have had a major responsibility in developing national food-based dietary guidelines in Norway. At present, I am chairing the working group responsible of developing the next edition of the Nordic Nutrition Recommendations.


The NNR 2022 project status

The Nordic Nutrition Recommendations (NNR) constitutes the scientific basis for national dietary reference values (DRVs) and food-based dietary guidelines (FBDGs) in the Nordic and Baltic countries. The objective of the project is to define principles and methodologies for the sixth edition of NNR to be published in 2022 (NNR2022). The principles and methodologies of the previous edition of NNR were used as a starting point. Recent nutrition recommendations commissioned by other national food and health authorities or international food and health organizations were examined and dissected. Updated principles and methodologies were agreed by the NNR2022 Committee in a consensus-driven process. An organizational model with “checks and balances” were developed to minimize the influence of subjective biases of the committee members and experts. Individual chapters on all included nutrients and food groups will be updated as scoping reviews. Systematic reviews (SRs), which are the main basis for evaluating causal effects of nutrients or food groups on health outcomes, will be embedded in each chapter. A NNR SR centre will be established for performing de novo SRs on prioritized topics. To avoid duplication and optimize use of resources, qualified SRs commissioned by other national and international organizations and health authorities will also inform DRVs and FBDGs in NNR2022. The evidence-based methods defined in the NNR2022 project are compatible with most contemporary methods used by leading national food and health authorities. Global harmonization of methodological approaches to nutrition recommendations is strongly encouraged. Evidence-informed principles and methodologies underpinned by SRs will ensure that DRVs and FBDGs defined in the NNR2022 project are based on the best available evidence and free from overt bias.