Hilde Kristin Brekke

University of Oslo, Institute of Basic Medical Sciences, Department of Nutrition


Brekke is Professor at Department of Nutrition, University of Oslo, and responsible for the course Advanced Clinical Nutrition at the 5-year master program in Dietetics. The Nutrition Care Process (NCP) is included in the curriculum of the 5-year program at starting as well as advanced level. Brekke is representing University of Oslo in a Nordic NCP Network of higher education institutions and is giving this presentation on behalf of the network. As a researcher, Brekke's main focus has been on randomized controlled trials evaluating effects of postpartum weight loss as well as breastfeeding promotion on cardiometabolic risk factors.


Implementation of Nutrition care Process (NCP) in higher education in dietetics

International dietetic organizations (ICDA, EFAD) recommend the use of a Nutrition Care Process model and standardized language – a framework for dietetic practice. The Nutrition Care Process (NCP), developed by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, is the most commonly used model. The use of NCP and the associated terminology, NCPT, has gradually been implemented in education and clinical practice in in the Nordic countries since 2011. The current presentation will give an overview of the current status regarding implementation of Nutrition Care Process models in higher education in dietetics in the Nordic countries. Up to date information about the use of NCP or other structured models, during what part of the program it is being taught, number of lessons, implementation in clinical practice training, teaching material and examination will be presented. 

ICDA: International Confederation of Dietetic Associations, EFAD: European Federation of the Associations of Dietitians