Gary Frost

Imperial College London


Professor Frost qualified as a dietitian in 1982 and has always maintained a clinical input throughout my career. In 1988 he joined Hammersmith Hospital as a research dietitian. Over his time at Hammersmith he gained his PhD in Nutrition and was appointed Honorary Reader in Nutrition at Imperial College He then joined the University of Surrey as Professor of Nutrition and Dietetics in 2005. Was appointed to Professor of Nutrition and Dietetics at Imperial College Jan 2008 to set up the Nutrition and Dietetic Research Group. His research interests focus on appetite regulation and body composition.


Improving the accuracy of dietary intake assessment: From cameras to molecules

The Achilles heel of nutritional science is the inability to will understand what people eat in the home environment with any degree of accuracy. although there has been advances made using Internet based tools which automatically calculate the nutritional content of the dietary information in put. This has little impact on the rates of misreporting. There is need for more disruptive technologies. In this presentation we will explore the development of camera and metabolomic tools to explore dietary intake.