Jaakko Nevalainen

Professor of Biostatistics, Tampere University, Finland


Jaakko Nevalainen received the MSc degree in mathematical statistics from the University of Jyväskylä, Finland, in 1998 and the PhD degree in statistics from the University of Tampere, Finland, in 2007. He has been active in collaborative research in the fields of nutrition, diabetes and prostate cancer, as well as in making use of modern data sources like loyalty card data, multicellular imaging and mass spectrometry. His theoretical interests are in the analysis of clustered & high-dimensional data with non-standard structures, and their intersections with applications. Currently, he is a professor of biostatistics at Tampere University, Finland.



Use of loyalty card data in the assessment of food consumption in the population

Electronic customer loyalty cards used in grocery retailing automatically register all grocery, alcohol and tobacco purchase events for each card holder. High centralization of markets together with the high loyalty card uptake among Finnish consumers provide timely and accurate means to evaluate population purchasing patterns via loyalty card data. Loyalty card data offer an underutilized data source for health research that significantly complements existing data as it is registered on households in high detail in time, and includes the price of food. In this talk, we consider the possibilities of loyalty card data in monitoring changes in population food consumption in new ways, and also discuss its challenges. Loyalty card data from a major retailer offer the possibility to reach a large sample with less resources than surveys of the same magnitude and can offer companies a way to fulfil their corporate social responsibility.