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December 14

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Rye – "wholy" grain for the gut and the brain
Organised in collaboration by Fazer and Nordic Rye Forum


Conference opening


Chairs: Mikael Fogelholm, Tuija Jääskeläinen
A changing society and food-related behavior

1. Change and stability in Nordic eating practices – a sociological perspective
Lotte Holm, University of Copenhagen, Denmark 

2. Has the meaning of a meal changed?
Johanna Mäkelä, University of Helsinki, Finland 

3. Supporting consumers with individual level dietary change action: sweeteners as an example of a possible solution.
Monique Raats, University of Surrey, UK

Chairs: Anne-Maria Pajari, Kirsi Laitinen 
Diet, microbiota and metabolism

1. Diet and gut microbiota
Anne Salonen, University of Helsinki, Finland 

2. A Microbiome Menu: The microbiota-gut-brain axis at the interface of appetite, food and mood
Harriet Schellekens, University College Cork, Ireland 

3. The role of gut microbiota in diabetes and cardiovascular disease
Victor Gerdes, Amsterdam UMC, The Netherlands 


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Chairs: Kirsi Laitinen, Ursula Schwab
Quality of fat – beyond cardiovascular benefits

1. Brown fat – an update
Kirsi Virtanen, University of Eastern Finland and University of Turku, Finland 

2. Diet and liver fat
Ulf Risérus, Uppsala, Sweden 

3. Glucose metabolism and low-grade inflammation
Maria Lankinen, University of Eastern Finland, Finland  

Chairs: Mikael Fogelholm, Henna Vepsäläinen
Modern methods for dietary analysis

1. Use of loyalty-card data in assessment of food consumption in the population
Jaakko Nevalainen, Tampere University, Finland 

2. Improving the accuracy of dietary intake assessment: From cameras to molecules
Gary Frost, London Imperial College, UK 

3. Challenges of collecting dietary data in low and middle income countries
Jennifer Coates, Tufts University, USA 



Chairs: Kirsi Laitinen, Ursula Schwab
How to achieve healthy diets for all – a global perspective

Corinna Hawkes, University of London, UK 




December 15 

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A scientific deep dive into the issues of meat – nutrition, health and sustainability
Organised by Matprat, Norwegian meat and egg council, and Animalia, Norwegian Meat and Poultry Research Centre

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Chairs: Anne-Maria Pajari, Marjukka Kolehmainen
Towards alternative protein use – are all proteins equal?

1. Bioavailability of proteins and amino acids
Claire Gaudichon, AgroParisTech - INRA, France 

2. Plant-proteins: physiological insights
Anne-Maria Pajari, University of Helsinki, Finland 

3. New foods – insects as protein sources
Nanna Roos, University of Copenhagen, Denmark 

Chairs: Christel Lamberg-Allardt, Inge Tetens
Vitamin D – requirements and public health policies in debate

1. Does vitamin D have a role in the prevention of non-skeletal diseases?
Lars Rejnmark, Aarhus University, Denmark 

2. Different vitamin D policies in the Nordic countries – effects on vitamin D intake and status
Suvi Itkonen, University of Helsinki, Finland 

3. Ethnic groups and vitamin D: a common challenge in the Nordic countries?
Ahmed Ali Madar, University of Oslo, Norway 


Partner videos, Oral and Poster presentations


Chairs:  Mikael Fogelholm, Anne Raben
Prevention of type 2 diabetes: what did we learn from the DPS and PREVIEW projects?

1. Dietary regulation of glucose metabolism – implication for prevention and treatment of type 2 diabetes
Michael Lean, University of Glasgow, UK 

2. DPS
Jaana Lindström, Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare, Finland 

Anne Raben, University of Copenhagen, Denmark 

Chairs: Anne-Maria Pajari, Marjukka Kolehmainen

Gut in the perspective

1. IBS – what is the best treatment?
Magnus Simrén, University of Gothenburg, Sweden 

2. Gluten sensitivity
Juha Taavela, Tampere University, Finland 

3. Nutrition Management of Eosinophilic Esophagitis
Berber Vlieg-Boerstra, OLVG Hospital and Hanze University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands 



Chairs; Mikael Fogelholm, Anne Raben
Genes and the prevention of type 2 diabetes, T2D-GENE trial

Markku Laakso, University of Eastern Finland, Finland 




Wednesday, December 16

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Dairy in a modern, sustainable diet
Organised in collaboration by Danish Dairy Board, Norwegian Dairy Council, and LRF Dairy Sweden 

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Discover the role of the microbiome in host metabolism and health
Organised by Clinical Microbiomics

Partner videos, Oral and Poster presentations


Chairs: Maijaliisa Erkkola, Satu Männistö

New Nordic Nutrition Recommendations – towards 2022

1. Introduction to NNR
Inge Tetens, University of Copenhagen, Denmark (5 min) 

2. The NNR 2022 project status
Rune Blomhoff, University of Oslo, Norway (35 min) 

3. Integration of sustainability into NNR
Helle Margrete Meltzer, University of Oslo, Norway, and Ellen Trolle, DTU, Denmark (20 min) 

4. Discussion and feedback 

Chairs: Anu Ruusunen, Bryndís Eva Birgisdóttir
Careers and training in nutrition and dietetics

1. Implementation of Nutrition care Process (NCP) in higher education in dietetics
Hilde Brekke, University of Oslo, Norway 

2. Public Health Nutrition Education ​ – A Fruitful Journey
Bryndís Eva Birgisdóttir, University of Iceland, Iceland 

3. Nutrition teaching and training for doctors – life-long learning?
Robert Brummer, Örebro University, Sweden 


Partner videos, Oral and Poster presentations


Chairs: Mikael Fogelholm, Kirsi Laitinen
Diet and the UN Sustainability development Goals

1. Food and environmental sustainability – challenges in impact assessment
Hanna Tuomisto, University of Helsinki, Finland 

2. Sustainable future and global policies for food and diet
Marco Springmann, University of Oxford, UK 

3. Equity and diet: women, men or other risk groups?
Gun Roos, National Institute for Consumer Research, Norway 

Chairs: Inga Thorsdottir, Suvi Virtanen
Diet during pregnancy, infancy and childhood – opportunities for future health

1. Danish and Norwegian birth cohorts: Diet in pregnancy – effects on the offspring health
Thorhallur I Halldorson, University of Iceland, Iceland 

2. Fish intake in the etiology of asthma and allergy in children
Anna Bergström, Karolinska Institute, Sweden 

3. Early nutritional factors in the development of islet autoimmunity and type 1 diabetes
Suvi M. Virtanen, Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare, Finland 



Chairs: Mikael Fogelholm, Kirsi Laitinen
Public Health Nutrition – scientific insight and solutions for the next 20 years

Adam Drewnowski, University of Washington, USA 





Oral presentation awards 

Mikael Fogelholm, Kirsi Laitinen 

NNC2024 in Norway, Dr Katina Handeland, president of the Norwegian Nutrition Society




All times in the conference programme are Finnish times, GMT +2.